HITECH City: The new residential hub of Hyderabad!

India is emerging as a tech hub in the world. With the proper utilization of workforce and available resources, eventual successors and great minds have put together all their efforts to bring in a developed India. Cultivating the Smart City Program has brought in a civilized platform to develop cities and add on to the countries development. Hyderabad itself has also added a feather to the cap of development placing itself as one of the most developed cities in the country.

At the heart of Hyderabad’s technological process is the cyber city called HITECH City which stands for Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City. As a total contrast to the historically rich monuments and sites present in Hyderabad, HITECH city has won many hearts in the process. HITECH City was a project by Telengana chief minister’s desire to include Telengana among the global competitors in the field of Information Technology and IT-enabled services. It is designed as a city within a city that is planned to have integrated infrastructural facilities such as office spaces, production areas, auditoriums, housing for employees, and even shopping complexes. It is spread over an area of 151 acres. This high technology township is also referred to as Cyberabad and is within 2km of the residential and commercial suburb of Jubilee Hills.

With the formation of such hi-tech cities and the introduction of the smart-city program, Hyderabad has soared great heights in the field of information technology (IT) services. Hyderabad was recently rated as the best city to live in India for the second year in a row by an international survey. It has emerged as the most affordable residential market, due to growth in the IT sector and service professionals continuously inhabiting this part of the city. The city ensures affordable prices, the presence of IT companies, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and availability of commercial space thus leading this region to become a popular residential destination.

The HITEC city houses the offices of some well-known IT companies such as Patni Computer Systems, GE Capital, Oracle Corporation and Knowledge Matrix India Pvt. Ltd. The first phase of HITEC city was established in the year 1998.The second phase of the city is Cyber Towers. The locality is quite well-connected to various developed areas and some hotels, banks, and hospitals via an excellent network of railways and roadways. The MMTS service has a station in HITEC city, and there is Telengana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) bus station that has buses plying to different areas of the city. It also provides its residents with all kinds of social amenities. The HITEC city offers you a thousand reasons to invest in it. It has emerged as a very convenient neighborhood, providing comfortable living conditions and lots of job opportunities. The rise in property prices and its demand, makes investing in HITEC city a lucrative attempt. The presence of IT hubs and many business hubs in and out of the locality makes HITEC city a preferred working as well as a domestic destination of Hyderabad. The place provides genuine satisfaction and confidence to start up a real estate business.

Hyderabad is sure to bid its first place among the world’s most technologically developed cities shortly. The contribution of HITEC city to this achievement can’t be denied. HITEC city is still growing, with more and more companies around the globe opting to settle in here due to cheap labor costs, real working environment, and qualified workers. The growth of HITEC city will reach new heights as more and more foreign IT companies are migrating towards this place to expand their businesses. The Hyderabad real estate industry will also reap benefits from this venture.